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The Most Complete VoIP Solution

Wildix is a complete SIP/XMPP and Unified Communications solution, also for multi-site companies.

PBX Multimedia System

Wildix PBX in the Cloud

VoIP Phones


Switches & Extender PoE

Media Gateways

Cloud VoIP PBX

Wildix PBX is available in the Cloud or as Virtual appliance or Physical.

VoIP Phones & Headsets

The only VoIP phones that display the presence status information
of on-site and remote colleagues

Cordless DECT Handsets W-AIR System

The first Dect phones designed for businesses, able to increase your productivity and secure-by-design

Switches & Extender PoE

Wildix offers a wide variety of switches that ensure the best performance of the enterprise’s VoIP network: PoE Gigabit Switches and Switches with Fibre ports.

Media Gateways & SIP W-PA

Wildix offers a full range of media gateways (PRI, BRI, FXO, FXS, GSM – LTE), that offers flexibility and scalability in the architecture of the enterprise communication system.

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