Monitoring & Reporting

Reporting and analysis of call activity and costs

Call Centre Monitoring and Reporting Software


Without monitoring, control and analysis there is no strategy. Wildix offers efficient reporting tools that provide you with the information relative to the call activity of the employees, such as number, duration, type and costs of all the calls received and made by your call agents.


Internal and external call traffic reporting and analysis.

Information on the number, duration, types and costs of the inbound and outbound traffic in charts and data grids.

CDR-View is helpful to the company management while analysing a particular event or the company call activity in general, or while deciding on the future business strategy.

A simple way to add value to your investment.

Wildix Call Centre Wallboard

Real-time SLA (Service-Level Agreement) monitoring tool.

The application allows monitoring your call agents’ activity and provides you with the information on the SLA which helps to measure the call center performance.

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