BlackBerry UEM

Unified Endpoint Management 

A single Solution for Device and App Management

Unified, Multi-OS Endpoint Management

Flexible Deployment

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Enhanced App Experience

Manage from a Single Console

With its single management console and trusted end-to-end security model, BlackBerry UEM provides the flexibility and security you need to keep your employees connected and protected.

Unified, Multi-OS Endpoint Management:

BlackBerry UEM provides a single, integrated view of users, devices, apps and policies, across all platforms and ownership[ models.

Flexible Deployment:

Scalable up to 25,000 devices per server and 150,000 devices per domain, BlackBerry UEM can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership:

Reduce server hardware requirements, eliminate redundant software licensing and support contracts and reallocate IT staff resources for lower TCO.

Enhanced App Experience:

BlackBerry UEM supports the direct management of Microsoft Office 365 apps in a single console that’s used to manage other corporate apps.

Manage from a Single Console:

BlackBerry UEM offers unprecedented control form a single console, across all devices and custom and third-party apps.



Find the Perfect Package for you

Management Edition

UEM, Secure Browser, Native Email

Enterprise Edition

Management Edition+

Secure Email/PIM, Secure Browser

Collaboration Edition

Enterprise Edition +

Files & Message Collaboration, ISV Applications, identity & Access

Taurus Provide Two Options for BlackBerry Support:


Taurus Basic BlackBerry Support


Taurus Advanced BlackBerry Support


Support services from manufacturers are becoming more complex. When dealing with support queries you’re generally required to have an understanding of the IT service, software and Microsoft products.

BlackBerry support requests various information such as traces, logs and a full understanding of the Active Directory. Without a clear understanding it’s difficult for non IT service personnel to resolve issues when errors occur.

System integrations, containerisation and security implications are all factors that need to
be considered to provide a safe and secure BlackBerry environment.

You have the opportunity to take advantage of our highly skilled Taurus support team, who will manage the support process saving you time and frustration.

Let Taurus take care of your BlackBerry support so you and your end users can work at their maximum potential.

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