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It’s generally accepted that Microsoft 365 provides a brilliantly compelling collection of services to help your staff access the applications and data they need from anywhere. With an armoury of market-leading productivity software, it’s no surprise that organisations are embracing the platform. In fact, 365 provides services to more than 155 million active users every month!

The Problem


Did you know that 60% of sensitive cloud data is stored in Office documents, and 75% is NOT backed up?

A lot of the time this is because people just don’t realise they need to. Many believe that the 365 subscription is a quick-win all inclusive package and don’t realise the associated risks.

Microsoft is responsible for the cloud infrastructure services; but you are accountable for protecting your own data which is hosted in those services. This is commonly known as the Office 365 Shared Responsibility Model, which reminds us that maintaining service and data availability is a joint effort.

The wording below from the current Microsoft Services Agreement page explains their position on data protection for their cloud services:

Service Availability: “We strive to keep the Services up and running; however, all online services suffer occasional disruptions and outages, and Microsoft is not liable for any disruption or loss you may suffer as a result. In the event of an outage, you may not be able to retrieve Your Content or Data that you’ve stored. We recommend that you regularly backup Your Content and Data that you store on the Services or store using suitable Apps and Services.”

Your organisation should consider whether Availability and Recovery of your data is critical to your business. Extended disruption and recovery times can be extremely problematic, but worse still, losing data can leave a business in serious trouble.

As part of any backup and disaster recovery review, it’s important to include applications and data, both on-premise, and in the cloud, in the same way. How will I retrieve data if it is lost, stolen or compromised? How long will that take? How long should I keep this data for?

If your staff are using Office 365 tools, have you considered the backup and recovery as part of your implementation?

A good cloud backup service should provide complete piece of mind, with facilities to

  • Protect your 365 data from accidental deletion, security threats and retention policy gaps.
  • Provide speedy and flexible restoration for individual Office 365 email, files and sites. 
  • Help you to meet legal and compliance requirements.

Our Solution


Taurus provide a comprehensive range of backup services, all designed to deliver complete piece of mind.


Our 365 backup solution is delivered as a completely managed service, which means that we take care of the infrastructure required, the monitoring and any recovery in a simple, flexible and granular solution.

The cost-effective service allows you to configure flexible backup and recovery policies for all your Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Teams data in a secure two-tier cloud environment with no hassle and no up-front costs.

We believe it offers the perfect compliment to 365 to enable our client’s ultimate productivity and agility.

We’d welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you and help to establish your requirements.

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