Children’s Hospice South West Case Study with partner Wildix


Over the past 29 years, Children’s Hospice South West (CHSW) have endlessly been committed to making the most of short and precious lives through top-of-the-range care and enrichment programmes, putting all focus on the children and their families. Communication is key for helping the day-to-day running of the charity, and Taurus are pleased that they are able to play a role in this, as well as maintaining a good, long lasting partnership.

Located across three sites over the South West and employing over 400 staff, it is imperative that Children’s Hospice South West staff are contactable. Taurus, along with partner Wildix, have installed and now support a fantastic Unified Communications solution for their team.

Matt Argyle, IT Manager at CHSW said: “In terms of communication, we are spread over a large geographic area, so it’s really important and something that we have struggled with in the past, staying in touch with people who are out and working between our hospice sites. We really needed something that would allow us to have a sense of presence and allow us to get hold of the right people when we needed them.”

The Relationship

Taurus and Children’s Hospice South West have a relationship that spans over ten years, with Taurus offering IT support and solutions.

“We have a relationship that’s gone back a long time so there’s a sense of strength there. There’s a lot of benefits in terms of their support, which has been really solid over the years. They’re always happy to engage with us when we’ve got difficult issues where we’re struggling to find a solution for and they always come with good solutions that are, generally speaking, pretty well costed.” Said Mr Argyle.

The Solution

Through working alongside Wildix to install the systems across all three locations, Taurus and Children’s Hospice South West have a powerful and flexible system in place, which will allow all its staff and families to be able to communicate with each other, in times when they might need to hear from each other the most.

“Having good IT and having good telecoms is really important when it comes to caring for children because we need to get hold of things like prescriptions, medical records. We need to call doctors, families need to call us. Communication is really at the heart of what we do, so it’s really important that we have a solid communication infrastructure.

Taurus have been a really strong partner for the past ten years, so I’m really satisfied with the service they provide to us. “


To see if your organisation can benefit from simple, modern, agile and robust Unified Communications with Taurus, please get in touch.

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