O2 Data Service Outage Update

Following the O2 data service outage on Thursday December 2018, O2 have provided this update:

Now that data services have been restored, 02 has finalised what they are doing for their customers to apologise about Thursday’s network issues.

02 Business customers will be credited with two days of monthly airtime subscription charges by the end of January.

O2 have sent all customers the following message which you should have received:

“We’re very sorry about Thursday’s network issues. We understand how important it is to stay connected, especially at this time of year. You’ll receive a credit for two days of your monthly airtime subscription charges by the end of January. We’re doing all we can to make sure this issue doesn’t happen again.” 

This is the only official statement we have received from O2 but we will keep our customers up to date with all future updates.

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