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Are you concerned about mobile phone security?

How secure is your mobile phone?

Mobile security should be a major priority in the modern day, with mobile devices becoming an integral and necessary part of daily life, effecting both our personal and working lives.

How secure is your mobile phone? Are you confident in the safety of both personal and business related data stored within your mobile device? Without the proper knowledge and security in place, your phone could be compromised by viruses in the blink of an eye by criminal hackers.

What’s Happening?

Forget the age old argument of android vs iPhone, whether it’s the device or the operating system, no one is the definitive “best” when it comes to keeping your information secure.

Since inception, Apple have a strong focus on their user’s privacy and data security and this is one of the top priorities of their product and software development. Currently, iPhone possess various protection to keep your information safe, passcodes, fingerprint scanning and now facial recognition, keeping your data private, even from the FBI. However, there is a potential “back door” for the iOS operating system providing the possibility of an iPhone being hacked allowing hackers to bypass security measures leaving your data at risk.  

So where is the risk?

Before the recent increase in cybercrime, as long as you had your password secure no one could gain access to your phone. Back at the start of 2016, the San Bernardino shooting occurred and following this the FBI forced Apple to create a classified hidden pathway into your iPhone so they could bypass any password to gain encrypted content. In the end this was pointless because the FBI purchased an iPhone hack from an unknown vendor, providing them with access to encrypted content but unfortunately, others managed to find themselves with access to this backdoor.

Still now in 2018, the latest model of the iPhone X still possesses a similar backdoor, where would be hackers can gain access to encrypted information by using a gadget called a “Graykey”.  The Graykey loads a unique piece of software on to the device to allow the iPhone to jailbreak.

The contents of the phone are then downloaded on to the device which includes the complete encrypted contents of the keychain. The iPhone remains unprotected with the Apple encryption still susceptible to cracking.

Android is currently under attack from a data stealing malware called “Triada” which is stealing data from various Android models.

Triada compromises the device during the manufacturing process so when users get the device, it is already infected making it extremely hard to detect and remove while it transfers all of your personal data

Two different risks but both can be applied to Android and Apple products. When you look for security within a mobile, the iPhone will provide consistency and reliability, but even with the higher price tag it won’t protect you 100% from the issues mentioned above. With Android you’re fully in control of your security settings with high levels of configurability, but they succumb to weak “out of the box” security with a lack of standardisation.

The best choice when working in the high security industry with large amounts of sensitive and confidential information would be to ensure a Mobile Device Management Solution is managing your endpoints. Blackberry UEM is currently sitting at No.1 in Gartners recommendations and can secure your iOS, Android, Windows & Wearable Base of endpoints.

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