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IT Security – Time for a Next Generation Solution

A new approach to cyber security

No doubt you have read about the recent cyber attacks across the world, hitting the NHS especially hard. Traditional anti-virus and backup is no longer enough to prevent attacks or recover from them. Cyber crime has evolved and your protection procedures need to as well. 

Ransomware protection uses AI and machine learning to stop hackers in their tracks. Ransomware protection is designed to prevent zero-day attacks and exploits before they hit your system.

Taurus partner with the two market leaders of next generation cyber security, Sophos and Cylance. Take a look at the resources below:

If you would like more information or pricing, please do get in touch.

Tips for preventing a cyber attack:

  1. Install the latest Windows updates, these contain security patches. Don’t just click ‘Remind me tomorrow’.
  2. Back up your files. If your organisation has a managed backup service, store your files on the server where they will be backed up, not on your computer.
  3. Be suspicious of emails, websites and apps:
    1. Exercise caution when opening unsolicited emails, or emails from known senders that look strange
    2. Reconsider visiting websites that you are not familiar with
    3. Never download apps that haven’t been verified by an official store
  4. Use anti-virus software and consider next-generation products with artificial intelligence such as Sophos Intercept X and Cylance.

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