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How to avert disaster in the midst of a crisis

Is your company data protected should disaster hit?

Whether man made or naturally occurring, a disaster can imperil the most rock solid of businesses.

66% of businesses reported a cyber incident in the last 12 months, of these only 75% have business continuity arrangements related to cyber incidents. Even with a plan in place, 19% don’t ever validate their plans.*

Even with the most secure systems, disasters can still occur, including natural disasters. Natural disasters ranked first among the triggers of workplace recovery plans**. Back in 2014, Somerset was hit with some of the worst floods in living memory. The impact on business went on for some time with an estimated cost of well over a million pounds in the first 6 weeks alone.

Having a disaster recovery and continuity plan is essential for all businesses.

Questions such as:

  • How long could your company survive if you suffer a power loss?
  • Do your staff have access to company data if they cannot work in the office?
  • Can your customers still place orders?

Are just a few of the things that need to be considered.

Many insurance companies are insisting that their client ensure that their data is backed up offsite. All well and good. But if you have had a flood or fire, will you be able to work from your offices? If not, where can your staff work? “They can work from home” you may say. But how are they going to connect to your data? If it’s a simple backup, then the answer is probably they’re not!

Make sure you have regular reviews of your IT services and ensure backup plans are up to date. Both existing and new contracts should be tailored to your operations and the realities of the space within which you will conduct business.

While no one can work out every detail of a disaster plan before disaster strikes, preparing checklists in advance, and taking steps such as scouting out viable temporary space and making sure system backups and recovery plans are in place can greatly smooth the path to recovery.

Read more about backup and recovery from Taurus.

*Business Continuity Institute 2016 Cyber Resilience Report. **Business Continuity Institute 2016 Workplace Recovery Report.


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